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Better Catch pictures Course

Welcome to our Make Better Catch Photos Course! We are so excited to have you here. Our goal with this course is to help you all to make the best possible catch photos with the equipment you already have. We know that many of you are interested in upgrading your cameras and so we have also included all of our advice for purchasing a camera new or second-hand.

How to be successful in this course

We have made this course as simple as possible and kept it a step-by-step guide. To be successful in this course, it is important to watch all of the videos in the correct order. Don’t skip videos or watch them out of order, this will lead to you have a lot of questions and missing important information.

In this course, we will be teaching you:

  • Photography basics – the basic need-to-knows to work your camera without being a techie.
  • How to find Camera Gear that fits your budget and needs
  • How to compose a catch photo – everything from lighting, background, posing, and focusing
  • How to make self-takes, both on the bank and in the water
  • How to do all of this with a smartphone or older camera

What makes a good quality catch pic?

  • Sharp
  • Well lit
  • Nice background
  • Well framed
  • Optimal camera settings
  • Minimal noise
  • The rest depends on personal taste

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This is a closed group for all who are following online photography courses for anglers via Kwinten Fishing Tutorials. Please feel free to post questions, connect with other photographers, and help each other on their learning journey! Kenyon and Willem are both active participants in the group and answer all questions. The purpose of this group is to create an interactive environment next to the online courses to further enable course participants in their learning.

We filmed this entire course at Lac de Viennay compound in France. If you would like more information about the lakes, check out the links below:

Albert’s Lake
Buster’s Lake

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What you'll learn

✔ Lesson 1
✔ Lesson 2
✔ Lesson 3
✔ Lesson 4

What you'll dont learn

❌ Failure 1
❌ Failure 2
❌ Failure 3
❌ Failure 4


☑ No previous Chinese language knowledge is required.
☑ designed for beginners. We start with the absolute basics.
☑ If you’re a visual learner you’ll love the interactive board, the subtitles and the included
☑ Videos are in Chinese with captions / subtitles. Chinese Immersion is widely considered